How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card In Chicago Illinois?

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How To Get A Medical Cannabis Card In Chicago Illinois?

As one of the thirty-three states that have legalized medical marijuana, the Illinois cannabis program allows qualified patients to access and buy their medicine. Medical marijuana patients in Chicago must first get a card that proves their medical needs.

This helps prevent any extra-legal issues, leading many to wonder, “how to get a medical marijuana card in Chicago?” To learn more about obtaining your medical card in Chicago, IL, check out this simple guide!

Where To Get My Medical Card in Chicago?

First made into law in 2013, the state of Illinois has 60 licensed dispensaries and twenty-one cultivation centers. These businesses produce and distribute medical marijuana in the state. The program has been extended through at least 2020.

An Illinois medical marijuana card allows medical marijuana patients in Chicago and the entire State of Illinois to get their medicine legally. To get this card, Illinois requires that patients register and apply for approval from the Department of Public Health.

Having a medical marijuana card doesn’t mean you can go out and start stockpiling medicine, but the limits on patients are very fair overall. Qualified patients can buy two and a half ounces of marijuana every two weeks. This limit can be increased with a doctor’s note testifying that the sale limit is not enough for the patient’s medical needs.

Dispensaries sell approved marijuana products like edibles and concentrates to approved patients in the Illinois medical cannabis program. Cultivation centers are responsible for all aspects of marijuana production. This includes labeling and packaging.

Medical Marijuana Products Available for Patients in Chicago, Illinois

Under Illinois’ medical marijuana program, patients can buy an impressive variety of products. This allows you to buy medicine that suits your individual needs. Raw marijuana flowers remain a popular choice for many patients.

Recently, e-liquids and concentrates have become a sought-after way to self-medicate. It is important to note that when buying concentrates or edible products, the weight of the marijuana flower pre-production is factored into your allowance.

Depending on your particular ailment, you may need to consider which cannabis strain will work best for your needs. To attempt to oversimplify things, there are two notable medical components or cannabinoids in marijuana, THC, and CBD. THC is a psychotropic and CBD is an anti-inflammatory and mood-booster.

THC allows medical marijuana patients to deal with pain, muscle spasms, and nausea. CBD is used to treat ailments such as migraines, anxiety and even mental disorders.

The levels of each of these compounds in your marijuana or marijuana products can have a great impact. This means you most likely will have a much different experience than another patient.

Individual brain chemistry and level of experience with medical marijuana can lead to varying degrees of trial and error. Different products can have different levels of both THC and CBD. Product consistency can also vary without expert measuring during production.

You will have to do a bit of experimenting with different types and amounts of medication. There are a wide variety of strains with different THC and CBD content so you can find the right variety that best helps your condition.

It’s recommended to create a relationship with your dispensary agent or budtender at your local dispensary.  They work with patients day in and day out, so they receive patient feedback daily around the strains they sell.  It’s important to note that dispensary agents/budtenders are not medical professionals, but the feedback they receive and can pass on to other patients as shown to be incredible!

Qualifying Conditions and Legal Requirements

Several medical conditions would qualify you to apply for an Illinois medical marijuana card. Lou Gehrig’s disease, cancer, lupus, and terminal cases are a few examples. Others include Crohn’s disease, chronic limb pain, HIV/AIDS and even Tourette’s.

To get a medical card, Illinois requires patients to be able to prove residency in the state and have no felony convictions on your record. You will also have to be diagnosed by a doctor and provide medical records to prove your condition qualifies. The physician will also have to write you a letter of recommendation that proves you qualify to receive medical marijuana as a treatment. This is exactly where we can help.

Since the program’s creation in 2013 and 2014 rollout, over 45,000 patients have been able to buy marijuana products. Former Illinois governor Bruce Rauner did little to expand the reach of the state’s medical-marijuana program. However, he did make sure the program will run until 2020.

A recent initiative, called the Opioid Alternative Pilot Program, has reduced the number of hurdles you will face. Fingerprinting requirements for caregivers and patients have been suspended since August 28, 2018. You will also not have to pay any fees for needing help with the application process.

How to Apply for a Patient or Caregiver Card in Chicago

To get a medical marijuana card in Chicago, Illinois, you need to get a copy of the application or file one online. You will also have to decide whether to choose a caregiver, but know that you are not required to do so.

If you do decide to have a caregiver, be aware that they will have to meet the legal requirements to qualify as well. Caregivers for terminal patients must make separate arrangements. This is indicated on the application form.

These requirements state that they cannot have any felony convictions for a violent crime or drug charges. They must also be your sole caregiver, be at least twenty-one years old and fill out a separate application form.

To fill out the medical marijuana card application, you will need several documents. These include your driver’s license, social security information, and your main living address. You will also need to include a clear photograph of yourself, but you must be looking at the camera and make no facial expression.

A copy of your driver’s license or passport and proof of Illinois residency must also be submitted. This can include utility bills, property titles, tax documents, pay stubs, and voter registration.

The application also indicates that fingerprinting is necessary, but that rule has been suspended. You will also have to pay between $100 to $250. This depends on whether you want a one to three-year medical marijuana card.

Unless your particular illness or condition is covered by Illinois’s Department of Health, you will have to petition to receive a card. Once you begin the application process, you will have to complete it within 90 days.

If you apply by mail, you will have to wait to receive your card. Applying online allows you to get a temporary receipt that allows you to go to a dispensary and receive medication.

Getting the Care You Deserve

Are you still wondering where to get my medical card in Illinois? Check out My Compassionate Clinic today!

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