Fast, Easy, and Affordable Medical Cannabis Certifications in Illinois

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Make your health and wellness priorities. Don’t let the uncertainty of where to begin or how to proceed hinder your journey toward a better quality of life. For residents of Illinois, Compassionate Clinics of America is the first step that clears a rewarding path. Our experience, knowledge, and resources support your progress, avoid pitfalls and ensure confidence in your decisions. No matter what stage you’re at, we are your asset going forward.

Easy & Affordable Medical Cannabis Certifications in Illinois

Have you been thinking about a medical marijuana card but feeling hesitant to start the process? Let Compassionate Clinics of America help. We get results in 24 hours. We have the swiftest turnaround in the state. There’s no hassle, stress, or confusion. Once you have your MMJ card, we provide cannabis education, explaining options and opening up a whole new world of treatment. We highly recommend a cannabis consultation to formulate the ideal inpatient care for your exact needs and goals.

Get a medical marijuana card in Illinois

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you knew how you’ll most likely respond to the different types of cannabis products and cannabinoids? How advantageous would it be to have your DNA biomarkers examined to determine the right strains and dosage for your specific genes and metabolism? Compassionate Clinics of America uses the results of DNA testing to do just that. You can purchase our test kits online. Our services are designed to maximize the potential of medicinal cannabis for each individual patient.

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Qualifying Patients

In order to get a medical cannabis recommendation and legally purchase cannabis products from dispensaries, some basic qualifications must be met.

  • Must be 18 years or older (minors need two physician recommendations as well as consent from their legal guardian),
  • Illinois state resident with proof of residency
  • Diagnosis of a qualifying medical condition
  • Have certification from a physician

For parents or caregivers attempting to access medical cannabis for their children, two physician certifications are required, along with the parent or legal guardian serving as the primary caregiver for the patient.

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Medical Cannabis Patient Program Frequently Asked Questions

Extending or Renewing Your Medical Cannabis Registry E-Card

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Locations in Illinois

Not sure which Illinois location is the right fit for you? Call (888) 372-0325 for assistance!

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