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Aging & Cannabis: 4 Interesting Things We've Learned

Aging & Cannabis: 4 Interesting Things We've Learned

April 15, 2024

No matter how much we try to deny it, stop it from happening, or turn it around, the fact we will all age is the most definite thing about life. Did you know that older Americans are the fastest-growing demographic using medical cannabis and obtaining a medical marijuana card from their state? Here are 4 … Continued

Linalool Can Do THAT? 6 Powerful Benefits of Linalool

March 19, 2024

What is the Terpene Linalool? There’s a good chance if you like lavender and have experienced the calming effects of lavender’s essential oils, that you have experienced the linalool terpene. Linalool is a minor terpene and monoterpene alcohol in cannabis, most known for its relaxing and calming effects. Most commonly detected in lavender, and found … Continued

What Is Kief? 7 Ways to Enhance Your Medical Cannabis Experience With Kief

December 7, 2023

The cannabis flower is a wonderous plant, rife with all sorts of features that make it a very special plant with various applications and uses. One thing you may have heard of is “kief”; it’s that crystally stuff that you may see collecting within the chambers of your grinder. What is kief, exactly? Why is … Continued

5 Landrace Cannabis Strains You Should Know

November 24, 2023

What are Landrace Cannabis Strains and Why Are They Important? It’s theorized that there are over 700 cultivars or “cultivated varieties” (often called “strains”) of cannabis. This vast variety of cultivar choices that are available to medical cannabis patients is a result of talented cannabis geneticists breeding different strains together. Cannabis breeders will often create … Continued

What is CBN?

November 16, 2023

What is CBN? Have you heard of brands saying that CBN can help you sleep? How does CBN interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system? What are the effects of CBN? Sleep is one of the most crucial things required for maintaining well-being. Sleep helps us maintain healthy brain function as well as our physical health. … Continued

How to Make Cannabutter for Medical Cannabis Edibles

November 9, 2023

A Cannabutter Recipe for Your Cannabis Medicine Cannabutter, sometimes known as “weed butter” is an essential part of making your own cannabis edibles as a medical cannabis patient. While dispensaries offer some incredible edibles products, many states have regulations on dosing per edible or per package, with some medical cannabis patients finding that these products … Continued

Regain Quality of Life: Medical Cannabis and Gastrointestinal Disorders

November 2, 2023

According to the American Gastroenterological Association, 60-70 million people in America are living with gastrointestinal disorders. While there are many gastrointestinal (GI) disorders and diseases, common disorders of the gut include acid reflux/gastroesophageal reflux disease, celiac disease, colon polyps, Crohn’s disease, colitis, constipation, diarrhea, diverticular disease, gastroenteritis, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease), … Continued

Perspectives on Medical Marijuana and Alcoholism (Alcohol Use Disorder)

October 26, 2023

Compassionate Clinics of America stands as a beacon of support and understanding for individuals seeking alternatives to traditional treatments for various health conditions. Over the years, we’ve witnessed a profound transformation in the way medical cannabis is perceived and utilized by patients, including how some people are using medical marijuana as a substitute for alcohol … Continued

Decoding the Details: A Guide to Deciphering Cannabis Labels

October 19, 2023

A Guide to Reading Cannabis Labels The Importance of Understanding Your Cannabis Packaging As a medical marijuana patient, one of the most crucial aspects of your treatment journey is understanding the labels on your cannabis products. Your commitment to this understanding can profoundly impact your therapeutic experience. Here at Compassionate Clinics of America, we emphasize … Continued

"Munchies": The Connection Between Cannabis and Appetite

October 12, 2023

Cannabis and Appetite: A Complex Relationship The “munchies” are a common thing that people reference in cannabis culture; it’s the commonly held belief that cannabis is known to stimulate appetite. Some may even claim that cannabis can lead to an increase in body weight, which the jury is still out for in terms of clinical … Continued

A Ray of Hope for 39 Million Americans: Medical Cannabis for Migraine Relief

October 5, 2023

Exploring Medical Cannabis as a Potential for Migraine Relief If you’ve suffered from a migraine you will recognize the often-debilitating symptoms of this disease: headache pain that occurs without warning and is usually felt on one side of the head, along with nausea, confusion, blurred vision, mood changes, fatigue, nausea and vomiting, and increased sensitivity … Continued

The Natural Glow: Unveiling Cannabis Skincare

September 28, 2023

Cannabis Skincare: A Modern Trend In recent years, the skincare industry has witnessed a remarkable emergence of a natural ally: CBD (cannabidiol). With an increasing number of individuals seeking holistic and effective solutions for their skincare needs, CBD, specifically topical CBD products that you put on your skin, has taken the spotlight as a potential … Continued

A Woman's Ally: Examining Cannabis and Women's Health

September 21, 2023

Unpacking the Role of Cannabis and Women’s Health Women and those who have a uterus will agree that the overall reproductive system is complicated and can present issues for one’s health in various ways. Cannabis has been used as a support for women’s health issues for centuries. In the cannabis industry’s lore, people love acknowledging … Continued

Exploring the Potential: Medical Cannabis and Neurological Disorders

September 14, 2023

Medical Cannabis: A New Hope for Neurological Disorders? A neurological disorder is a broad term used to describe any abnormality or dysfunction in the nervous system, which includes the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves. These disorders can result from various causes, such as genetics, infections, injuries, or degenerative processes. Neurological disorders can manifest in … Continued

Understanding the Importance of Terpenes in Cannabis

September 7, 2023

Terpenes in Cannabis: An Overview Terpenes are one of the most critical parts of the medical cannabis experience and the cannabis plant aside from the cannabinoids like THC and CBD. It is important for those with a medical cannabis card to learn about terpenes when making product choices that will lead to their intended medical … Continued

Bridging Distances: 5 Benefits Of Telemedicine for Medical Cannabis Patients

August 31, 2023

In a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, the paradigm shift towards virtual consultations is reshaping how patients access medical care and expertise. Compassionate Clinics of America, a pioneering force in the realm of medical cannabis certifications across 27 states, stands at the forefront of this transformation, harnessing the power of telehealth and medical cannabis to empower … Continued

Finding Balance: The Fusion of Cannabis and Yoga

August 24, 2023

The Harmony of Yoga and Cannabis: A Path to Balance In recent years, the world of wellness has seen a harmonious blend emerge between two ancient practices—cannabis and yoga. In recent years, there has been an increase of organizations and yoga practitioners offering “ganja yoga” or “stoned yoga” combining consuming cannabis with the practice of … Continued

The Comforting Role of Medical Cannabis in Palliative Care

August 17, 2023

Navigating Palliative Care with the Aid of Medical Cannabis According to the Mayo Clinic, Palliative Care is a specialized medical care that focuses on providing relief from pain and other symptoms of a serious illness. It also can help you cope with side effects from medical treatments. The availability of palliative care does not depend … Continued

10 Essential Questions to Ask Your Medical Cannabis Physician

August 10, 2023

Embarking on the journey to explore medical cannabis as a potential treatment option is a significant step toward managing your health in a holistic, safe, and alternative manner. At Compassionate Clinics of America, we understand the importance of informed decision-making, and that starts with asking the right questions during your appointment to get your medical … Continued

Is Cannabis a Depressant?

August 3, 2023

At Compassionate Clinics of America, when we help our patients get their medical cannabis card, we believe in empowering them to find relief from their medical conditions through responsible and legal access to medical cannabis. We strive to provide weekly education on how cannabis affects different parts of the body and the mind to ensure … Continued

How Becoming a Medical Cannabis Patient Saves You Money

July 27, 2023

As of summer 2023, 23 states plus the District of Columbia have legalized recreational marijuana, yet despite increased access, millions of patients nationwide still participate in their state medical marijuana programs by getting their medical marijuana card. In previous articles, we have discussed some of the benefits to having your medical marijuana card in a … Continued

Medical Marijuana and Gun Ownership: An Explainer

July 20, 2023

In recent years, the topic of medical marijuana and gun ownership has sparked intense debate and confusion for those who have a medical marijuana card, or are considering getting one. As the medical marijuana population continues to grow across multiple states that now have medical marijuana programs, understanding how existing gun laws intersect with medical … Continued

What is THCP? Understanding the "New" Cannabinoid

July 13, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of medical cannabis, new compounds are constantly being discovered and researched. One such compound that has gained attention in recent years is THCP (Tetrahydrocannabiphorol), with some companies exploiting this newly-discovered cannabinoid as the “strongest cannabinoid”. What is THCP? Is THCP safe? Are there therapeutic benefits to THCP? As medical cannabis patients … Continued

Does Weed Expire?

July 6, 2023

Patients and individuals who possess a medical cannabis card may be curious about the longevity of their products, especially if what they purchase from their local dispensary has an expiration date or a use by date. Does weed expire? The short answer is, unlike a fine wine, weed products do expire, and as a result … Continued

Can You Be Allergic to Weed?

June 22, 2023

For so many people, including those we serve in our clinic with medical cannabis certifications so they can get their medical cannabis card, using cannabis to treat the symptoms of certain illnesses provides much-needed relief that they couldn’t find with traditional pharmaceuticals. However, for some people, marijuana medicine isn’t an option because it produces adverse … Continued

Hybrid Cannabis Strains: What This Really Means

June 15, 2023

What do cannabis hybrid strains actually mean? For too long, and even now, cannabis has been broken down into a binary of indica vs. sativa, with hybrid being thrown in to mean a bit of a mix of the two. It’s become generally accepted as a hard truth that “indica” cannabis products are believed to … Continued

What Happens When You Sleep High?

June 8, 2023

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Greening Out: What Does It Mean? & 10 Tricks to Feel Better

June 1, 2023

At Compassionate Clinics of America, as much as we love cannabis and believe in its medicinal properties, there is too much of a good thing. Marijuana is a plant that is meant to be used with intention. What does it mean to have “greened out?” As prominent medical cannabis advocate Steve DeAngelo stated in The … Continued

Rosin vs Resin: Important Differences to Know About

May 25, 2023

Rosin and Resin. What is the difference? When a medical cannabis patient goes into a cannabis dispensary, they may be overwhelmed by the various types of products available, from marijuana flower, to edibles, topicals, oils, tinctures, and various forms of concentrates. Two different cannabis products that are common to see in dispensaries are resin and … Continued

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