Customized care.

Compassionate Clinics of America champions evolving innovation inpatient care.

We strive to rethink and revolutionize health and wellness across USA. One of these opportunities is cannabis DNA testing. We now have the ability to customize cannabis strain recommendations to match the DNA of each individual.

DNA Testing for Cannabis

Compassionate Clinics of America uses the results of DNA tests to provide information and recommendations on how you are likely to react to types of cannabis products and suitable strains. Increasing research into cannabis and its effects suggests that variations in the genes responsible for producing the enzymes which metabolize cannabinoids can impact each person who consumes cannabis in a unique way.

Ready to take a cannabis DNA test?

Get started with one of our convenient test kits, available for online checkout below.

Learn more about the Strain Genie DNA Testing from Compassionate Clinics of America!

Strain Genie uses genetic analysis to identify the best strains, terpenes, edibles, and flowers for you. Sophisticated technology examinees over 150 DNA biomarkers that can impact cannabis use and health to determine the most suitable types and dosages of cannabinoids. Representing clients across Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Maine, Virginia, Texas, Louisiana, West Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, Georgia & Minnesota, Compassionate Clinics of America focuses on services to simplify, facilitate and improve your well-being.

Cannabis DNA Testing Services

Learning your body.

There is an extensive selection of cannabis products on the current market. You’re going to react differently to the various strains. Choosing the ideal cannabinoids and ingestion methods promotes more effective results and a positive experience. Rather than guesswork, we determine the best options through DNA testing and analysis services.

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