The Certification Process

Are you familiar and up-to-date with the process of obtaining a medical cannabis card in Missouri? It’s fairly quick and simple when you know the requirements. Compassionate Clinics of America is staffed by fully licensed physicians in good standing. We are your experienced and knowledgeable advocates. Our resources and assistance deliver results in 24 hours. We personalize our services, supporting inpatient care with compassion, education, and science.

Get Your Medical Cannabis Card In Missouri

You’ve probably heard of DNA testing. Did you know that we can use this innovative tool to evaluate over 150 DNA biomarkers to reveal how your unique enzymes, genes, and metabolism will react to the different cannabis products? This information zeroes in on the consumption methods, cannabinoids, and dosage that best achieves your health goals. You can order a kit from Compassionate Clinics of America online for delivery right to your door.

Low Cost Medical Cannabis Certifications in Missouri

Whether you’re new to cannabis as a curative journey or well on your way, a consultation from Compassionate Clinics of America opens up new insight and facilitates success. There are so many opportunities available. Understanding them and focusing on your preferences allows you to take full advantage of your potential. You want to feel good about your choices and satisfied with the outcome. Compassionate Clinics of America is your proven and easily accessible resource in Missouri.

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How To Get A Medical Cannabis Card In Missouri

In order to get a Missouri medical cannabis certification and legally purchase cannabis-derived products from dispensaries, Compassionate Clinics of America will assist you with the following requirements:

  • Have a physician certification for a qualifying condition
  • Register for the program via the Medical Marijuana Registry
  • Complete the application process through the state’s portal
  • Fees must be paid for a medical marijuana ID card

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