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Understanding Medical Marijuana in Missouri

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Is cannabis legal in Missouri?

Although federal laws still make cannabis illegal, in November 2018, Missouri residents approved with 66% of the vote a ballot measure (Amendment 2) to legalize the medical use of cannabis, which was the birth of the Missouri medical marijuana program through the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services when it was signed into Missouri law.

The measure allows qualified patients to grow up to six cannabis plants and purchase an amount of cannabis per month to be determined by state regulators (required to be at least 4 ounces).

A ballot initiative to legalize recreational use passed on November 8, 2022. Possession for adults 21 and over became legal in December 2022, with the first licensed sales occurring on February 3, 2023. However, despite recreational cannabis being available in the state, there are several benefits to obtaining medical marijuana treatment in Missouri.

Thousands of residents of Missouri have been able to find alternatives to prescription medication, find relief from a chronic medical condition, or find comfort in terminal illness by obtaining a medical marijuana card.

Get a Medical Cannabis Card in Missouri

What qualifies you for a medical card in Missouri?

Per Article XIV of the Missouri Constitution, a qualifying medical condition is:

  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • Glaucoma
  • Intractable migraines unresponsive to other treatment
  • A chronic medical condition that causes severe, persistent pain or persistent muscle spasms, including but not limited to those associated with multiple sclerosis, seizures, Parkinson’s disease, and Tourette’s syndrome
  • Debilitating psychiatric disorders, including, but not limited to, post-traumatic stress order, if diagnosed by a state licensed psychiatrist
  • Human immunodeficiency virus or acquired immune deficiency syndrome
  • A chronic medical condition that is normally treated with a prescription medications that could lead to physical or psychological dependence, when a physician determines that medical use of marijuana could be effective in treating that condition and would serve as a safer alternative to the prescription medication
  • A terminal illness
  • In the professional judgment of a physician, any other chronic, debilitating or other medical condition, including, but not limited to, hepatitis C,
  • Specific qualifying conditions include: amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease, Huntington’s disease, autism, neuropathies, sickle cell anemia, agitation of Alzheimer’s disease, cachexia, and wasting syndrome.

What are the steps on how to get a medical marijuana card in Missouri?

Step 1 – Get a medical cannabis certification from a licensed physician in the state of Missouri from Compassionate Clinics of America. During this visit, the medical marijuana doctor will verify that you live with a qualifying condition, and complete the Electronic Physician Certification Form (Electronic Form) completed in order to register for the state medical marijuana program.

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Step 2 – To complete an application, patients will need to register with the department’s secure electronic registration portal. You must be a Missouri resident to participate in the program.

Step 3 – Once patients have registered, an application can be completed by logging into the Complia portal, clicking “+Create New Application” and “New Patient”.

Once caregivers have registered, an application can be completed by logging into the Complia portal, clicking “+Create New Application” and “New Caregiver”.

What are the benefits of having a Missouri medical marijuana card?

There are numerous benefits of having your medical cannabis certification in a recreational cannabis state such as Missouri.

Benefits include lower taxes, access to products curated for medical outcomes, higher possession limits, the ability to cultivate cannabis (with strict regulations), and greater legal protection.

Get a Medical Cannabis Card in Missouri

How much does it cost to get a medical cannabis card in Missouri?

Compassionate Clinics of America provides New Patient Medical Cannabis Certifications by licensed physicians for $129, and a patient identification card renewal for $100.

We offer Sezzle payment options to break up the cost into separate, affordable payments.

The state application fee is $25 + service fees for a 1-year medical marijuana card. State application fees are reduced by 50% for SSDIs, Veterans, etc.

Do I need a doctor’s referral to get a Missouri medical marijuana card?

Getting physician approval and verifying you live with one of the qualifying conditions is the first step before patient registration with the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services.

Compassionate Clinics of America provides certifications and filling out of the applicable forms for patients to register to get medical marijuana cards. It is an electronic certification process and the entire process is done using telemedicine.

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What information and forms are required when a patient applies for a Medical Marijuana card?

To apply to the program, prospective medical cannabis patients must provide proof of residency in Missouri with a valid state driver’s license or ID card.

How long is my ID card valid in Missouri?

A medical marijuana card in Missouri is valid for a period of one year.

When can I renew my ID card?

The window for Missouri patients for submitting a patient or caregiver renewal and getting a new physical certification form completed is 60 days prior to, and no less than 30 days before, the expiration date.

The Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services asks that patients requiring a renewal wait 24 hours following the receipt of a 60 day license renewal notification before submitting the renewal application in the registration system.

What is required for renewal?

Qualifying patients must get a physician certification form completed and pay their annual fees in order to renew their medical cannabis card in Missouri for another year.

I heard I can renew my medical marijuana card in Missouri for $20. Where can I renew my medical marijuana card in Missouri for $20?

Please be advised that there are no medical providers that exist in Missouri who will renew your medical cannabis certification for just $20.

The cost for a patient renewal for a medical cannabis certification in Missouri is $100. In the event you are not recertified, these fees are wholly returned to you.

I live in another state, can I apply for Missouri medical marijuana?

In order to obtain a Missouri medical marijuana card, you must be a resident of Missouri, however,

However, Missouri is part of the Cannabis Reciprocity program, meaning that dispensaries will accept the medical cannabis cards of patients from other states.

Can I use medical marijuana anywhere in Missouri?

According to Missouri state law, cannabis can only be consumed in private residences. It is against the law to consume cannabis in parks, while walking along sidewalks, and in schools, both private and public.

Can I cultivate cannabis in Missouri?

Missouri state law allows home patient cultivation of six flowering cannabis plants, six nonflowering plants, and six clones for registered individuals who pay a $100 annual fee.

How long does it take to process my application?

The department has 30 days to process patient and caregiver applications; applications are processed in the order they were received. If you received a confirmation email with an application reference code or application ID number, your application has been submitted and is in queue. If you did not, and the application shows as “open” status in the application portal, the application has not been submitted.

Can I own a gun and have a medical cannabis card in Missouri?

Federal law prohibits individuals with valid medical marijuana cards from purchasing or possessing firearms, citing the Gun Control Act of 1968 and the Controlled Substances Act of 1970. In Missouri, where the state’s constitution allows medicinal marijuana use, gun ownership is neither explicitly mentioned nor forbidden. The Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) doesn’t inquire about gun ownership when applying for a medical marijuana card. Additionally, the Second Amendment Preservation Act, enacted in Missouri in 2021, restricts the enforcement of federal firearms regulations against law-abiding residents. While this may suggest that medical marijuana cardholders should have the right to possess firearms, federal gun dealers can still refuse sales to those with Missouri medical marijuana certificates. In essence, Missourians’ rights to own firearms are preserved, but federal regulations remain a barrier until cannabis is federally legalized.

Can I apply to be a caregiver for someone else or if I am the legal guardian of a minor?

A primary caregiver for Missouri patients is someone who is Twenty-one (21) years of age or older; Responsible for managing the well-being of a Qualified Patient; and designated by the qualified patient on the primary caregiver’s application for an identification card or in other written notification to the Department.

Primary caregivers are individuals who have been authorized by the qualified patient to purchase and possess marijuana on behalf of the qualified patient.

Get a Medical Cannabis Card in Missouri

Can I cultivate cannabis for someone else, or for someone for whom I am the legal guardian in Missouri?

Caregivers may also be authorized to engage in patient cultivation of medical marijuana plants on behalf of the qualified patient.

Caregivers must also register for a medical card. Be sure to check with the Missouri state page to ensure you understand the medical records that are required to be a caregiver.

Can a doctor complete a medical marijuana certification via telehealth?

Yes! The entire process for when a physician decides to grant a medical cannabis certification, as well as the renewal process, is done entirely through telemedicine and from the comfort of your own home.

Missouri providers want nothing but to ensure you are comfortable through every step of working with a licensed medical marijuana doctor and getting your medical card.

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