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A Guide Medical Marijuana in Maryland

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Is cannabis legal in Maryland?

At present, cannabis is legal for medical use in Maryland, and is illegal for recreational use, although possession of a certain amount for personal use has been decriminalized in the state.

The medical cannabis program has been available to Maryland residents since 2017, and it is administered by the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) and the Maryland Cannabis Administration (MCA).

Get a Medical Cannabis Card in Maryland

Who qualifies for a medical cannabis card in Maryland?

Adults over the age of 18 are eligible to get a medical marijuana card if they have a chronic or debilitating disease or condition that causes the following qualifying medical conditions:

  • cachexia
  • anorexia
  • wasting syndrome
  • severe or chronic pain
  • severe nausea
  • seizures
  • severe or persistent muscle spasms
  • glaucoma
  • post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

They are also eligible for a medical marijuana card if a licensed medical marijuana doctor determines they live with another chronic medical condition that is severe and for which other medical treatments have been ineffective.

How do I get a medical marijuana card in Maryland?

The first step to becoming a medical cannabis patient in Maryland is to register as a patient with the Maryland Cannabis Administration (MCA) to get a 16-digit Patient ID Number. You will need to provide proof of Maryland residency (such as a lease of rental contract) and your ID (such as a driver’s license).

You will also need to provide a photo. According to the Medical Cannabis Administration, the photo should look like a driver’s license or passport photo. Specifically, it must be a clear, color photo of the patient’s unobscured face taken within the last six months to reflect the patient’s current appearance and feature a plain white or off-white background. The patient must be clothed, directly facing the camera with both eyes open and should have either a neutral facial expression or a natural smile. The patient must not be wearing a hat, head covering, sunglasses or dark glasses. The file must be an image file (.jpg) no larger than 3 MB in size and may not be digitally enhanced or altered in a way that changes the patient’s appearance.​

After you have received this patient ID number, you can get a medical marijuana evaluation from a healthcare provider who is a licensed physician in the state of Maryland. You will need to provide your Patient ID number at this appointment to proceed with the certification process.

Compassionate Clinics of America can provide this for you.

Once the doctor reviews your medical records and verifies you live with a qualifying medical condition, they will provide you with a written certification that will allow you to register as a new patient with the Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) using their OneStop system.

You can then proceed to purchase medical marijuana at a licensed dispensary.

You can read more about the process to be able to legally purchase medical cannabis here.

Get a Medical Cannabis Card in Maryland

What are the benefits of having a Maryland medical marijuana card?

There are several benefits to having your Maryland medical marijuana card, even though possession and use of medical cannabis is a violation of the federal Controlled Substances Act, and compliance with Maryland State medical cannabis laws is not a legal defense to a violation of federal law.

A Maryland resident who has a Maryland medical cannabis card may legally possess and purchase medical cannabis in the state of Maryland. When patients purchase from licensed dispensaries, they can access products that have been curated specifically for medical outcomes.

Sales and use tax does not apply to cannabis purchased by an individual with a medical card in the state of Maryland.

How much does it cost to get a medical cannabis card in Maryland?

The cost for online registration to get an Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission ID card in Maryland is $25. The Application fee is waived for Patients enrolled in the Maryland Medicaid Program (Maryland Medical Assistance Program) and the VA Health Care Program (Veterans Affairs Maryland Health Care System).

The cost to get a written certification from a licensed physician at Compassionate Clinics of America is $199 for a new patient, and $149 for a renewal.

We offer Sezzle payment options to break up the cost into separate, affordable payments.

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Can I apply to be a caregiver to help someone else with their medical marijuana treatment?

A registered patient is permitted to identify one individual, aged 21 years or older, to serve as a caregiver.  Caregivers are required to register with and purchase ID cards from the MCA.  ​

Registered caregivers in possession of a valid MCA Caregiver ID card are able to purchase medical cannabis on behalf of their designated patients from licensed Maryland dispensaries and transport the legally obtained medical cannabis to their designated patients.

Minor patients (under the age of 18) are required to have at least one caregiver at all times, who is a parent or guardian of the minor. A minor patient may have up to four caregivers, two of whom are a parent/guardian, and two additional adults over the age of 21 designated by a parent or guardian.

Medical marijuana patients who have a caregiver must fill out and sign a HIPAA Authorization Form to authorize the MCA to release their medical information to a  specific person or provider.

How long is my Maryland medical marijuana card valid in Maryland?

A Maryland medical marijuana card is valid for a period of three (3) years. If Compassionate Clinics of America has provided you with a written certification, we will remind you as a medical marijuana patient of ours when it is time to renew so that you’re never without the ability to legally purchase cannabis.

What is required for renewal?

It is much of the same process to renew your medical card as it is to get a new card for medical cannabis patients.

You will need to obtain another medical cannabis certification from a doctor to verify you live with one of the qualifying conditions or have tried other medical treatments for medical conditions that have not been successful.

I’ve heard that I can renew my Maryland medical cannabis card for $20. Where can I renew my Maryland medical cannabis card for $20?

Please be advised that there are no medical providers in Maryland that exist who will provide you with a medical cannabis certification renewal for just $20.

The cost to get your medical cannabis certification in Maryland renewed with Compassionate Clinics of America is $149, and we are with you every step of the way during the process.

If you are not approved for your renewal, these fees will be returned to you.

I live in another state, can I apply?

Maryland dispensaries do not accept out-of-state patient cards, however, if someone from out of state maintains a Maryland residence, they may apply for a medical card. They will want to provide a lease or rental contract to register.

Can I use medical marijuana anywhere in Maryland?

It is only legal to use medical cannabis in Maryland in a private residence.

How long does it take to process my application?

Due to the anticipated high volume of Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission ID card orders and registration renewals, the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission is unable to guarantee a delivery date for the card.

A temporary ID will be emailed once a new patient has been certified, or an existing patient with a valid provider certification orders a card or renews their registration.

This temporary ID will be valid for 90 days. Each patient will also have the option to print the temporary ID when logging into their Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission account

Can a doctor complete a medical marijuana certification via telehealth?

Yes! The certification process for medical marijuana patients is done with a medical marijuana doctor fully online when you work with Compassionate Clinics of America.

We want to ensure that the process of getting medical marijuana in Maryland is easy, quick, and comfortable.

When does the physician certification expire?

The physician certification expires when the Maryland medical cannabis card expires and is valid for a period of three (3) years.

Am I still able to own a gun in Maryland if I have a medical cannabis card?

In Maryland, it is illegal for medical cannabis patients to own, possess, or acquire firearms. This is due to federal laws, including the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) listing marijuana as a Schedule I drug, which is considered unlawful. The Gun Control Act of 1968 also prohibits firearm ownership for individuals using controlled substances. Maryland follows federal law in this regard because the state has not passed legislation to protect the rights of gun owners who are also medical marijuana patients.

In 2019, a bill (SB97) that aimed to prevent the state police from rejecting gun purchasers, owners, and permit applicants due to medical cannabis use was approved by the Senate but not by the House Judiciary Committee. As a result, Maryland State Police continue to inquire about medical cannabis use when assessing prospective gun buyers, preventing those who acknowledge its use from completing firearm purchases.

Get a Medical Cannabis Card in Maryland

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