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Cannabis And Breast Cancer: Can Patients Benefit?

Jul 08th 2019

Cannabis And Breast Cancer: Can Patients Benefit?

Cannabis And Breast Cancer: How Cancer Patients In Illinois Benefit From Medical Cannabis

1 in every 8 women in the United States develops invasive breast cancer at some point in their lifetime. Even worse, the United States anticipates an estimated 268,600 new cases of breast cancer among women in the year 2019. Finding ways to manage this emerging trend in the rates of breast cancer is a priority.

Pain is among the most horrifying aspects when undergoing breast cancer treatment. The extent of pain breast cancer patients experience is the basis for modern research around cannabis and breast cancer.

Medical Cannabis has become a popular treatment supplement for cancer patients. Find out how cannabis and breast cancer are aligned for patients in Illinois.

The Emerging Cancer Scourge

If you are not a cancer survivor, you must know of someone out there who is a direct victim of this curse. The process of handling cancer at an individual level is traumatizing. Breast cancer affects more women today than at any time in the past.

Globally, the disease affects 19 per 100,000 women. Breast cancer is the most prevalent type of cancer in women, especially in developed countries. If you are battling the disease, find comfort in knowing you are not alone.

The treatment for invasive breast cancer is available across various cancer centers. Patients confirm that this treatment process is the most painful procedures a human being can endure. The pain programs in various centers have been keen on addressing this concern.

The Pain Programs for Breast Cancer Patients

In most of the cancer centers, the pain programs have come up to assist patients to cope with the pain. One of the most shocking suggestion was the need to introduce medical marijuana. Over time, medics and researchers have believed that there could be a breakthrough in pain management.

The State of Illinois has been at the forefront of the research on medical marijuana as a possible pain management alternative. Illinois has approved the use of medical marijuana in 44, 000 cancer-related cases annually since the year 2014. It is this background that forms the basis of our conversation.

What Is Unique About Cannabis and Breast Cancer?

This may be a good place to begin. Research has singled out the cannabis plant as having tremendous health care benefits. The plant has received a clean bill of health on the basis of research-based evidence.

The Cannabis plant has a wide range of varying strains. The Sativa strain is the source of marijuana.

The recurrent research on the various compounds found in cannabis strains singles out two key compounds. They are the delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).

The Cannabis Sativa plant has leaves, which when dried and crushed becomes what most people refer to as marijuana. In states such as Illinois, the use of marijuana for medical purposes is permissible.

Historical Use of Marijuana

Scientists borrow important insights from past practices while developing an understanding of modern medical interventions. Medical practitioners appreciate that past practices tend to have an answer to modern questions.

Marijuana is among the historical examples of herbal remedies. Cannabis has had a lasting implication on health care for ages.

Ancient herbalists used Cannabis for a wide range of medical solutions. They include pain relief and other mental relaxation needs. These herbalists did not understand the reasons for the effectiveness of the plant but appreciated the intervention all the same.

The Modern Use of Marijuana

The most common form of Cannabis sativa is marijuana. The 1980s and the 1990s witnessed a proliferation in the use of marijuana for leisure. To date, the abuse of marijuana remains a major talking point and the reason for the legal barriers.

The illegal use of marijuana for recreational purposes is the reason for federal laws to place huge barriers to the use of Cannabis Sativa. The Drug Enforcement Agency sets out laws that illegalize the use of marijuana. The law is under schedule one of the controlled substances.

Under the modern context, your use of marijuana must be within the legal stipulation of usage. This is because, under Federal law, the prescription, possession or selling of marijuana is illegal. If found guilty it can attract hefty legal consequences.

The State authorities have the legal mandate to approve conditional use of marijuana in specific cases such as during medical procedures. The case of breast cancer has been at the center of debate for decades. Until recent years, most of the States had been unwilling to consider the partial legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes.

The Changing Narrative

Today, breast cancer and many other cancers are eating into the population with venom. You may know of a relative or friend who is dealing with cancer, or you could be a victim too.

The consequences are heartbreaking. The need to approve the use of cannabis for medical purposes is due to this pressure. Women with breast cancer have been at the forefront in the call for the legalization of cannabis for breast cancer treatment and pain management.

It is these calls that continue to attract scholarly attention. The other States are keen on understanding how breast cancer patients in Illinois can utilize medical marijuana. The link between cannabis and breast cancer forms an important basis for general research in cannabis health clinics and research facilities.

The Chemo Process Among Cancer Patients

The harrowing stories of cancer survivors tell it all with regards to the chemotherapy process. If you have been a breast cancer warrior or you know someone, you will agree that cancer treatment is brutal to the core. It is this nightmare that has led many to sample with marijuana while seeking a reprieve.

The results are encouraging. Most patients agree that the treatment process is much more bearable with medical marijuana.

The effects are different depending on the individual patients. However, there is a general agreement that Cannabis Sativa helps breast cancer patients to navigate through the chemo process without significant health-related concerns.

The following are some of the major benefits that breast cancer patients experience when they use medical marijuana.

1. Medical Marijuana Products Come Is a Variety of Forms

What comes to your mind when you hear marijuana? Chances are that you anticipate that such patients need to smoke weed, right? Well, in fact, marijuana in dried form is not as common due to the effects of the smoke on patients.

Patients with cancer can rely on a wide range of other options that have a fair amount of both THC and CBD. Edibles products top this list. Patients battling cancer have the choice of candies, cookies, and brownies as part of the pain management process.

Patients in Illinois battling breast cancer may also tap into the use of vaporing as another important pain management option. You may mix tea, honey, and other foods as one of the key ways of using marijuana when coping with the treatment period.

Breast cancer patients also have the option of mixing different creams applied to the various body parts. You may also use sprays and tinctures when managing marijuana. The patient only to needs to place such tinctures under the tongue or along the gum line.

All these are possible benefits that breast cancer patients can utilize while seeking treatment. Depending on your body, you may need to consider skin reaction to foreign products such as creams. You may also need to consider the various other body reactions to aspects such as wheat.

2. Easing Neuropathic Pain

One of the most common symptoms of breast cancer is the extent of neuropathic pain patient’s experience. The pain has notable implications on the patient’s general mood and mental strength to deal with the treatment process. Such pain is a result of damaged nerves due to the progression of cancer.

Patients in Illinois battling breast cancer may learn how to deal with neuropathic pain relief. Cannabis ensures that such patients are able to go through the treatment period with less pain.

The presence of THC in marijuana serves this important role by calming the damaged nerves. Marijuana and surgery procedures also form an important premise for modern research.

3. Appetite Levels

Breast cancer patients tend to struggle with low appetite levels during their treatment. The concerns may lead to low body weight and weak body systems. Patients struggling with cancer will often tend to overlook most of the available food options.

But, breast cancer patients in Illinois may gain a high level of resilience against low appetite. Edible marijuana is a key source of appetite for these individuals. If you are struggling with low appetite due to the effects of the treatment process trying out medical marijuana may be the beginning of better cancer management.

4. Nausea and Vomiting

Anecdotal evidence notes that patients with breast cancer concerns may experience less nauseating episodes with the help of Cannabis Sativa. Breast cancer patients in Illinois may experience such benefits of medical marijuana. You no longer have to worry about nausea, especially after chemo sessions.

5. Hot Flashes

This is among the dreaded implications of breast cancer. Hot flashes may be common and devastating for most cancer patients. While it is not known why they are more common in certain patients than in others, it is important to acknowledge that they can be devastating.

Depending on your doctors’ point of view, these hot flashes may be a thing of the past with marijuana. Breast cancer patients in most of the States where marijuana is allowed may have fewer incidences of hot flashes. A balanced supply of Cannabis Sativa is all you need in order to overcome these episodes of hot flashes.

6. Anxiety

This is a common problem among patients with chronic illnesses. Such individuals worry about the possible consequences of breast cancer and a fear of the unknown. The illness may even lead to instances of anxiety disorders.

It is hard to treat an individual with such mental health imbalances because healing depends on mentality. Recent developments underscore the role of marijuana in dealing with anxiety as it offers breast cancer patients a euphoric feeling.

Marijuana helps when dealing with such instances of anxiety. Cannabis may also be useful in reducing suicidal thoughts among such patients. Anxiety is often a consequence of the fear of the unknown.

7. Insomnia

Breast cancer patients often complain about fatigue and restlessness. The concern is due to the aggravated lack of sleep after nights on end of insomniac episodes. The consequences of a lack of sleep may be dire and may even affect the patient’s recovery process.

Research suggests the use of marijuana to address such concerns. Clinical trials indicate that marijuana may be a perfect solution to instances of insomnia. Most breast cancer patients in Illinois may experience stable sleeping patterns due to the use of medical marijuana in clinics.

Do your background Research

Before you decide on which ratios of THC and CBD work best for you it is important to consider your needs. Then you may consider your personal doctor’s view on the use of Cannabis Sativa. Visit various educative cannabis events and gather as much information as necessary.

This will help you figure out the levels of THC and CBD in the various strains of cannabis before making a decision on what to consider. It is important to note that while marijuana is legal in Illinois, half of the States in the USA are yet to legalize it. This is cautionary lest you end up in trouble.

You Are Now More Informed with This Knowledge on Cannabis and Breast Cancer

Most patients struggle with symptoms that may be easy to manage, because of lack of information. The research on cannabis and breast cancer is ongoing, although there has been notable progress this far.

Patients in Illinois and other states can enjoy the safe use of medical marijuana as a positive outcome during the breast cancer treatment process. It is now possible to receive relief from anxiety and pain considering the legality of medical marijuana in your state.

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