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How to Trust Your Intuition

Oct 29th 2021

How to Trust Your Intuition

Do you ever struggle with decisions? 

If so, I’ve got a powerful practice for you!

Allow yourself to be guided by your own intuition. 

We all have an immense well of wisdom that exists within us if we simply learn how to tune into it.

All the answers you seek are already within you. 

We just have to get out of the distractions of the mind so we can tap into the truth within our hearts. 


1.    Close your eyes and think of a decision or burning question that you have.

2.    Take a slow deep breath in and out.

3.    Say out loud “I am going to do X”, and see how your body responds.

4.    Then say out loud “I am not going to do X”, and see how your body responds. 

5.    If you feel excited and happy, the answer is YES!!! Take immediate action! Don’t delay. 

6.    If your face tightens up, or you feel a knot in your stomach, the answer is NO!!! Trust it! 

Once I started allowing myself to be guided by my own intuition, MAGIC STARTED FLOWING INTO MY LIFE

I know it will for you, too.

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