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Cannabis and Meditation

Aug 16th 2021

Cannabis and Meditation

One of my favorite ways to use cannabis is by incorporating it into my meditation practice. It’s truly amazing how much deeper my meditations are when I combine them with cannabis. It has a way of opening me up to my higher self, tapping into a deep source of wisdom that exists within us all.

There are several different styles of meditation, each providing a method of focusing the mind to achieve inner peace. Why is this so important? Did you know that we have over 60,000 thoughts per day??? We have a constant dialogue of thoughts running through our minds that are distracting us all day long. Meditation is a tool to quiet down the mind. When we focus our mind solely on one thing, all the rest of the noise starts to disappear. Put simply, meditation teaches us how to concentrate.

  • Mantra meditation (transcendental and primordial sound are forms of this) is when you repeat a word or phrase over and over in your mind. The act of repetition gives your mind something to focus on.
  • Mindfulness meditation is when you focus on your sensory experience – paying attention to the sounds in your environment, sensations in your body, and thoughts in your mind, without judgment or holding onto any of the experiences. It’s about becoming a witness of the moment, allowing you to be fully present with what you are doing.  
  • Loving kindness meditation teaches you how to receive love and share love out into the world. It’s a beautiful way to raise your vibration, and to mend relationships.
  • Guided visualizations allow you to follow the sound of an instructors voice as you visualize different calming scenes.
  • Qigong meditation is a moving meditation, where you do gentle exercises combined with breathwork as you visualize moving energy (or qi/chi) throughout the body. It removes blockages, increases vitality and improves health.
  • Zen meditation involves focusing on the breath as a way to calm the body and mind.

There are many more styles of meditation, but if you are new to the practice, I suggest starting out with a guided visualization meditation. Any time that you find your mind wandering (which it WILL – don’t worry!), just gently bring it back to the sound of the instructor’s voice.

Use your cannabis, and find a comfortable place to sit. You can either sit cross-legged on the floor (on a yoga mat or cushion) or simply sit in a chair. If you are in a chair, make sure both of your feet are flat on the ground, and scoot forward so that you can sit up tall with a straight spine. If it feels right, you can light a candle, diffuse some calming essential oils, or light some incense to set the mood. I recommend lowering the lights.

Close your eyes, and set an intention for your practice. Perhaps your intention is to release tension in the body or to receive divine inspiration. Allow your muscles to relax, and visualize yourself dropping deeper and deeper, as you listen to this guided Body Awareness Meditation, which is a form of mindfulness meditation.

What was that like for you? Remember, the more you practice, the easier meditation becomes. Cannabis just takes it to another level, allowing you to experience higher levels of consciousness with practice. When I use cannabis, it opens my channel to receive powerful insights, guidance, and wisdom. Life feels in balance when I commit to my meditation practice. Give it a try and see how it makes you feel!

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