Jan 27th 2023
Telemedicine Reduces Anxiety of Getting a Medical Cannabis Certification

“Meeting the patient where they are at.” This is one of the philosophies that underscores our practice at Compassionate Clinics of America as we help patients across 24 states discover the benefits of cannabis medicine while exploring a medical cannabis certification.

When we opened our first clinics in Illinois and Pennsylvania, we had both physical brick-and-mortar locations and telemedicine, offering residents of those states who were interested in medical cannabis an option for how to explore their medical cannabis certification. Our goal was to reduce the anxiety and stress people were having.

Then, the COVID-19 pandemic happened. Like many industries, the pandemic required us to change the way we did things. To ensure that those who wanted to explore or renew a medical cannabis certification were not left without our services, we changed to to a telehealth approach, providing telemedicine appointments to our patients.Telemedicine Appointments for Your Medical Cannabis Certification

Moving towards telemedicine when helping residents across Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Maine, Virginia, Texas, Louisiana, West Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, Georgia & Minnesota obtain or renew their medical cannabis certification has proven to be a benefit for several reasons for our clinic and our patients. Here’s a few things we have found as we offer telemedicine appointments for people to get a medical cannabis certification:

Anxiety is at an All-Time High

If Americans weren’t an anxious group before the pandemic, many more found out what it was like to live with anxiety as our country, communities, and families faced unprecedented challenges.

While there are various types and classifications of the condition, anxiety disorders are the most common mental health issue in America, affecting 40 million adults or 19.1% of the adult population across the country. Despite anxiety disorders being highly treatable, only 36% of those who live with an anxiety disorder will have it treated.

For many, even the simple act of visiting a doctor is difficult, bringing up or inflaming already existing feelings of anxiety. For many, it’s difficult to just pick up the phone to make a doctor’s appointment, nevermind get up the mental energy to get read to go to the doctor’s office, get themselves to a clinic, and navigate a waiting room.

Telemedicine has helped Compassionate Clinics of America take the anxiety out of visits to the doctor. Not only can new and renewing patients book their appointment with a health care practitioner online, but they can also conduct their whole appointment online as well. Those living with anxiety or an anxiety disorder no longer have to go through hours of mental self-talk just to get to a doctor’s appointment. The doctor comes to you, right in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Book Your Medical Cannabis Certification Appointment Online Here!

Telemedicine Reduces Medical Trauma

In addition to anxiety and anxiety disorders, for some people, going to the doctor or engaging with any form of health care is a severely traumatic experience.

Something that is rarely talked about is medical trauma, which is a form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) where someone will have an extreme traumatic reaction to medical treatments or the processes surrounding them. Medical trauma can stem from various reasons, including the nature of the illness or injury itself, past medical complications, certain conditions within health care environments (i.e. smells, noises, etc), or having been mistreated by a health care practitioner in the past.

Medical trauma manifests in different ways for different people. These include persistent and intrusive thoughts, overusing health care, or for many, avoiding health care totally.

As we moved towards telemedicine, we began to see how patients felt more comfortable about having their medical marijuana certification appointments through telemedicine, and recognize that some patients hold medical trauma.

By moving to telemedicine, Compassionate Clinics of America has recognized that the health system has failed many people in the past, leaving them to be untrusting of health care. By providing our services in a way where a patient doesn’t have to come to see us, but rather can speak to us from their own home, we add a significant layer of comfort. Patients can discuss often sensitive topics with us in a setting that doesn’t feel like a clinic or hospital, relieving their anxiety about the medical cannabis certification process.

Telemedicine Appointments for Your Medical Cannabis Certification

Not Hip to Technology and Telehealth? That’s OK Too!

When a patient connects with us, we want to ensure that our processes are always accessible. We understand that not all our prospective patients are comfortable using telemedicine, web cameras, and microphones. That is absolutely okay!

If a patient is not comfortable with telemedicine or the concept of cannabis telehealth, we will discuss with them a method through which we can best and most comfortable connect with them. Our staff is always on hand to answer any questions about the process of getting your medical cannabis certification.

What are Some of Our Patients Saying?

Because of cannabis telehealth, we have been able to extend our services, patient support, and award-winning patient education to 24 states, including Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Maine, Virginia, Texas, Louisiana, West Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, Georgia & Minnesota.

No matter what the state, our patients consistently report that there are several benefits to holding their medical marijuana certification in a state where recreational cannabis is legal. These benefits include lower taxes on cannabis products, legal protection, higher purchase and possession limits, and many more.

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Compassionate Clinics of America prides ourselves in providing the best patient experience for getting your medical cannabis certification in Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Maine, Virginia, Texas, Louisiana, West Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, Georgia & Minnesota. Our Trustpilot and Google reviews show that our patients are consistently pleased with our services.

Here’s what some of our patients had to say:

“Great Customer service, highly knowledgeable and compassionate. They take care of everything you need and make the process very easy.”

“From the initial opening of the website, your process was clearly understood, everything went so smoothly and fast! The Counselor that assisted me was friendly, professional and supportive and seemingly trustworthy!”

“The experience with this company was excellent. Everyone we talked with was so knowledgeable and helpful. The entire process was quick and painless. Highly recommend.”

“I appreciate the timing of being contacted by Compassionate Clinics of America and the professional assistance and ease of process in order to renew my medical cannabis card! Thanks!”

It is an extreme pleasure to know that we are helping people across America reimagine their health and wellness through cannabis medicine.

What to Expect for a Medical Cannabis Certification Telemedicine Appointment

What can you expect when you work with Compassionate Clinics of America to get your medical marijuana certification?

First, you’ll Select Your State to see the phone number to schedule your virtual appointment, or you can conveniently schedule your appointment online. You’ll have to create an account before providing us with some information regarding your health status, concerns, and contact information.

Book Your Medical Cannabis Certification Appointment Online Here!

You’ll be able to choose the appointment time that works for you and your schedule and you’ll receive a confirmation and reminder email for your appointment from Compassionate Clinics of America.

When you connect via our telemedicine platform to your appointment, you will meet your medical cannabis practitioner who is certified in your state to provide you with a medical cannabis certification.

Telemedicine Appointments for Your Medical Cannabis Certification

Your documents will be submitted to the appropriate state medical cannabis program in order to obtain registration in your state and begin visiting medical cannabis dispensaries in your area.

Get Your Medical Marijuana Certification Now

Take the anxiety out of prioritizing your health and wellness through telemedicine with Compassionate Clinics of America.

We provide compassionate support, award-winning education, and a judgement-free environment to help people explore their medical cannabis certification for the first time, or to renew their medical cannabis certification documents.

Visit our Get a Card page, Select Your State, and begin the process towards reimagining health and wellness with Compassionate Clinics of America. Be sure to regularly visit our Blog where we provide weekly articles to help you get the most of your medical cannabis journey.

We provide cannabis telehealth services to residents of Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Maine, Virginia, Texas, Louisiana, West Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, Georgia & Minnesota.

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