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Meet Annette Kohan, Our Residential Cannabis Nurse

Nov 03rd 2021

Meet Annette Kohan, Our Residential Cannabis Nurse

Our residential Cannabis Nurse Annette Kohan’s role is to work with patients in assisting them with consumption methods, product selection, and dosing. Annette will provide an hour and a half of patient consultation, where she will be discussing the patient’s condition(s), symptoms, lifestyle, current medications, etc… to develop a treatment plan for her patient, with follow-up consultations as needed or desired by the patient.

Annette Kohan RN, CDN, LCHC has witnessed both personally and professionally the benefits of medical cannabis on people’s health and quality of life as a Certified Cannabis Nurse Health Coach at Compassionate Clinics of America. Receiving her nursing education at Pennsylvania’s La Roche University in 1994, Annette focused on working within medical trauma units and medical practitioner training for the first two decades of her career. Living with an autoimmune disease, Annette explored CBD and the benefits of having a medical cannabis recommendation to manage her pain and inflammation, learning quickly that medical cannabis was often difficult to navigate. After recognizing that there was a growing community of “cannabis nurses” across the country, she Licensed Cannabis Health Coach Certification and became a member of the Cannabis Nurse Network (CNN) and the American Cannabis Nurse Association (ACNA).

Joining Compassionate Clinics of America in 2021, Annette’s goal as a Certified Cannabis Nurse Health Coach is to help patients understand how CBD and THC work together to re-establish balance and comfort in the mind and body. Her goals for the future of her cannabis career include lobbying and advocacy for research of the benefits of medical cannabis so that people are suffering from physical and mental issues can find balance and comfort.

In her spare time, Annette and her husband are frequent travelers, hikers, and have a specialized interest in dog training in the field of scent detection (not for cannabis!), and is the owner of three boxers.

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