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Dispensary Partner Feature: Hatch in Illinois

Oct 28th 2022

Dispensary Partner Feature: Hatch in Illinois

When a patient receives their medical cannabis certification with Compassionate Clinics of America, we always want to ensure we’re pointing them in the right direction toward medical cannabis dispensaries in their state that will extend the supportive patient experience we provide when they purchase their cannabis medicine. Part of our work involves connecting with dispensaries across Illinois, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, and Missouri to understand their approach to patient care, creating a group of trusted dispensary partners within the states we serve.

We’ve been happy to connect with a cannabis company with a trio of medical and recreational dispensaries in across Addison and Wheeling in Illinois: Hatch. We caught up with the team at Hatch to tell us more about the patient experience when a patient visits one of their three locations after receiving their medical cannabis certification from us. Here’s what they had to tell us:

hatch dispensary illinois

What is the most important aspect of a dispensary? 

Customer care. We at Hatch believe that each guest, medical or recreational, deserved to be served in the way that they seek. Whether that’s a quick pick-up in and out, or a one-on-one medical consultation, we believe that finding the right product for your needs can positively impact your life, and that’s what we’re here to help with.

What do you think are the biggest advantages to being a medical cannabis patient versus a recreational buyer? 

Saving on taxes, having a dedicated line, having a larger allotment, and earning double rewards points at Hatch make becoming a medical patient an easy choice for regular users who use cannabis to treat ailments.

Do you offer consultation to both your patients and to your recreational consumers? 

Yeshatch dispensary illinois

How do you help medical patients with the product that’s right for them? 

We take our time with each medical patient and never “upsell” them. Our team is trained to emphasize customer care over standard retail practices, so each guest can take as long as they need to get the recommendations and information that they need to feel confident and comfortable on their way out the door.

How does your consultant work with patients to determine the appropriate medication if a patient is coming in with no knowledge? 

We have a dedicated patient consulting area where any guest can request to have a sit-down consultation that lasts anywhere from ten minutes to over an hour. All of our team members are well-versed in working with patients of all experience levels, and can help patients understand everything from the basics, like dosing methods & levels, all the way to higher-level discussions about the different cannabinoids and strain lineage. We take our time to get to know their experience level and comfort with cannabis, and then learn more about what they’re seeking to get out of their cannabis experience. With vast training and product knowledge, we utilize our whole team’s unique skillset to find the perfect product for each guest’s needs.

What are the advantages to working with Hatch? 

When you walk in the door at Hatch, we hope that you’ll see that we’re unlike other dispensaries. We treat each guest with the utmost respect and customer care. Our selection is vast, yet curated to only have the best products that Illinois has to offer. We also have a unique selection of accessories that we can teach guests how to use, so you can choose Hatch as your one-stop shop for all your cannabis needs.hatch dispensary illinois

Tell us about Hatch and its core Mission? 

Our core mission is to give our guests the best experience possible and to help them learn to use cannabis in a way that greatly benefits their lives, whether it be used for relaxation, pain management, or any other goal a guest may have. Education, empathy, and experience are the core pillars of our customer care philosophy.   

  • Education: We focus on training our whole team to be at the forefront of cannabis knowledge, and empower them to use that knowledge to help patients gain a better understanding of how they can use cannabis in their lives.
  • Empathy: Hatch is a non-judgmental environment where our goal is to understand each patient’s needs and help find a solution. We welcome guests from all walks of life and seek to understand and assist.
  • Experience: Our focus on experience is two-fold at Hatch, which means that we focus on the guests’ Hatch experience, and also make sure that our team members have the experience that allows them to be the best cannabis guides for our patients that need help finding the right products for their needs.

What is a first visit like for a new medical patient? 

A new medical patient will get set up in our system in a timely fashion, and then they’ll get all the time that they need for a new patient consultation. We will discuss their needs and begin to help them find the right product, based on their experience level and goals. They will enjoy 25% off their whole first purchase, and get to go home with some new products to try.

What set’s Hatch apart from other medical dispensaries? 

Our caring and expertly-trained team, our robust curated selection, and our warm environment make Hatch a more comfortable and accessible experience than other medical dispensaries in the country.hatch dispensary illinois

How many locations does Hatch have? 

We have our medical and recreational location in Addison, and our recreational location in Wheeling. Medical patients earn double points at both locations.

Do you have a loyalty program? 

Yes, and you can learn more about it here. Medical patients always earn 5% back towards future purchases at Hatch with Hatch Rewards.

Do you have any special offers for first time patients? 

First-time patients enjoy 25% off their entire first purchase. Discounts do not stack.

How often do you have specials? 

We have sales and specials every single day.

Do you offer discounts for Seniors, Veterans, disability? 

Seniors and SSI recipients enjoy 10% off every purchase. Veterans enjoy 15% off every purchase. Discounts do not stack.

Thank you, Hatch, for being a trusted partner of Compassionate Clinics of America. We appreciate your intentional approach to the patient experience and knowing that those who have their medical cannabis certification from us will be in good hands as they find the best products for their medical cannabis needs and desired outcomes.

Learn more about Hatch here.

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