Oct 13th 2022
CEO Joseph Mazza Shares Personal Story with Medical Cannabis on Cannabis Man Podcast


“I found such great success with medical cannabis that I wanted to share it with everybody!”
– Joseph Mazza, Founder, and CEO of Compassionate Clinics of America

Our reasons for helping people in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Oklahoma with medical cannabis certifications are very personal. Our Founder Joseph Mazza experienced the power of medical marijuana first-hand after suffering numerous concussions and a brain injury over years of playing hockey. In this recent episode of the Cannabis Man Podcast below, Joe shares his personal story and explains how helping people obtain medical cannabis certifications in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Oklahoma has been one of the most rewarding career opportunities of his life.

Be sure to read our article on Cannabis and Traumatic Brain Injury, and reach out to our clinic to explore or renew your existing medical cannabis certification, and join us in re-imagining health and wellness.



“It really has helped me be able to maintain my focus, with the pain I feel on a day-to-day basis – whatever the pain is, cannabis has been a great success for me.”
– Joseph Mazza, Founder, and CEO of Compassionate Clinics of America

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Compassionate Clinics of America is your source for medicinal cannabis information, guidance, and innovative medical cannabis certification services in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, and Missouri. If you’re considering medical marijuana certification, we help you navigate the process effectively and smoothly through diagnosis, education, certification and continued patient support. Get the most from your medical cannabis experience by accessing our in-house cannabis education and personal DNA testing to determine the most beneficial strains, terpenes, and doses of cannabinoids for you. We are here to serve you through re-imagining health and wellness through medical cannabis education.

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