Cannabis and Meditation

There are several different styles of meditation, each providing a method of focusing the mind to achieve inner peace. Why is this so important? Did you know that we have over 60,000 thoughts per day??? We have a constant dialogue of thoughts running through our minds that are distracting us all day long. Meditation is a tool to quiet down the mind. When we focus our mind solely on one thing, all the rest of the noise starts to disappear. Put simply, meditation teaches us how to concentrate.

Hemp and the Farm Bill

Hemp and marijuana are part of the same plant species but are different groups within that species.

Delta 8 THC, the "New" Cannabinoid

Delta 8 THC is the sister compound of Delta 9 THC. While both are similar, Delta 8 has a lower psychoactive but pleasurable experience.

Summer Unity Social 2021 with The Cannabis Community

We were joined by advocates for our Summer Unity Social from all around the community, in addition to our amazing partners at Compassionate Clinics of America, and our sponsors including, Reed Construction, Curaleaf, Chitiva by Prescribd, In Grown Farms, Mattio Communications, Cannabis Business Association of Illinois, Chicago NORML, Chi High Tours, MBM Advantage, EC Public Relations, & Redemption Botanicals Group.

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