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Easy Frozen Cannabis-Infused Trifle Dessert

Aug 06th 2021

Easy Frozen Cannabis-Infused Trifle Dessert

Are you looking for a tasty summer dessert? Try this easy cannabis-infused trifle recipe and your taste buds will be singing!


  • 16 oz of Greek Vanilla Yogurt
  • 1-2 tablespoons of cannabis-infused coconut oil
  • 1 ½ cups blueberries (rinsed and dried)
  • 1-2 tablespoons of honey (if you don’t want to make the cannabis-infused coconut oil.  Cannabis infused honey is available at most dispensaries.
  • 1 ½ cups angel food cake, torn into smaller pieces
  • 1 ½ cups thinly sliced strawberries


Step 1:
In a blender, mix the yogurt, cannabutter, or Cannabis-infused coconut oil, blueberries, and honey (you can substitute the cannabis-infused butter or coconut oil for cannabis-infused honey. Place 1/3 of the blueberry-yogurt mixture in a bowl and keep it in the fridge.

Step 2:
Evenly divide the angel food cake between the four bowls. Pour the un-refrigerated 2/3 of the blueberry-yogurt mixture over the cake and place it in the freezer.

Step 3:
Remove from the freezer and add the sliced strawberries on top. Place the remaining blueberry-yogurt mixture over the top and freeze again until firm.

Step 4:
Be sure to allow the Frozen Cannabis-Infused Trifle dessert to sit at room temperature for about five-to-10 minutes.

Step 5:

Cannabis-Infused Coconut Oil Recipe

Step 1: Decarboxylate Your Cannabis
Always decarboxylate your cannabis before making cannabis-infused coconut oil or cannabutter. The best results have been found using the Nova Decarboxylator from Ardent Cannabis, which can set you back about $260.

Step 2: Infuse The Coconut Oil
Combine the following in a crockpot on warm or low (warm is usually sufficient in most crockpots): *Try to keep oil near 160°-180f for best results*

B) Add 1 Cup Organic Decarboxylated Cannabis (about 7g or 1/4 oz.) [dosage note: At 20% THC this works out to about 29 mg THC per teaspoon. If you work with stronger cannabis, say 30% THC, each teaspoon would be about 42 mg THC per teaspoon.]

C) Stir every half hour or so.

D) After about 2 hours of heating and steeping, turn off the crockpot and allow the oil to cool before moving onto the next step.

Step 3: Strain Your Oil

A) Set up your strainer so it fits snugly in a container. Line with a large piece of cheesecloth.

B) Slowly pour plant matter and oil into the strainer.

C) Using a string or twist tie, gather the cheesecloth around the plant matter and secure it.

D) Pour oil into a pint jar and place it in the fridge until cool. Seal with a lid. Store in refrigerator or in a cool, dark place.

Cannabis-Infused Honey Recipe

Step 1:
Spread 7-8 grams of your cannabis buds on the baking sheet and place them in the oven. Set the temperature between 210 degrees to 230 degrees Fahrenheit. Note: Cannabis evaporates at 320 degrees. It’s when the bud starts losing its color, fragrance, and flavor properties. Keep the temperature low and go slow.

Step 2:
Heat the matter for at least half an hour to 40 minutes. Don’t forget to flip the cannabis. Note: We want to make sure that we have cooked the cannabis evenly at all points to ensure that gives us the most potent form.


  • 7-8 grams of your favorite cannabis strain
  • 1 cup of organic honey (Use 7-8 grams of cannabis per 1 cup of honey)
  • Crockpot or cooker
  • Cheese cloth and String
  • 1 quart mason jar (must be air-tight)

Step 3:
Take your decarboxylated cannabis and wrap it up in the cheesecloth and tie it with the string.

Step 4:
Place the wrapped cannabis in the cheesecloth in the mason jar

Step 5:
Add one cup of organic honey to the jar.

Step 6:
Please the mixture in the mason jar in the crockpot or cooker.

Step 7:
Pour water into the crockpot or cooker until the mixture in the mason jar is completely surrounded by it.  (Don’t overfill, or submerge the jar)

Step 8:
Close the lid on the crockpot or cooker.

Step 9:
Set the temperature to the lowest setting, and keep it cooking for 8 hours.

Step 10:
Make sure to check the mixture every 2 hours, open the lid and make sure the pressure is fine. *Opening and closing the lid of the crackpot will help us get rid of the pressure building inside. An unchecked pressure can break the mason jar.

Step 11:
After baking for 8 hours, turn the crockpot or cooker off and let the mixture cool down.

Step 12:
Once the jar has cooled down, use a spoon to remove the cheesecloth from the mixture.

Step 13:
Work the cheesecloth by squashing it and crushing it, this will help to extract the most of your cannabis.

Step 14:
Your cannabis-infused honey is complete.  It should be stored in the refrigerator or a cool dark place. Enjoy!

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