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What are Moon Rocks? Let's Talk About It

Jun 29th 2023

What are Moon Rocks? Let's Talk About It

Cannabis affects everyone differently. For some, just a little puff will do the trick, but for others, they may need something more potent and strong to get the desired effects. As we like to say, within cannabis culture: “Everybody is different and every BODY is different.”

For those who like a bit of a stronger, more potent effect from their cannabis medicine, there are several options available, specifically in the extracts or cannabis concentrate category.

Extracts and concentrates are typically created through advanced extraction methods such as CO2 extraction, solvent-based extraction, or solventless techniques. Common types of marijuana extracts include oils, tinctures, shatter, wax, and live resin, among others. These extracts vary in consistency, cannabinoid content, and terpene profile, providing consumers with options tailored to their preferences and desired effects.

The Champagne of the Cannabis World

However, there is one form of extremely potent concentrated cannabis that is often referred to as the “champagne” of the cannabis world, also known as “cannabis caviar”, that doesn’t necessarily fall into the flower category nor the extracts category: moon rocks.

This article aims to provide a professional and clinical perspective on moon rocks for cannabis consumers, delving into their characteristics, consumption methods, safety tips, and potential risks. By examining these aspects, medical marijuana patients of Compassionate Clinics of America can make informed decisions about their marijuana consumption practices and product choices.

What are Moon Rocks?

Moon rocks have gained popularity among cannabis enthusiasts and patients for their unique composition and more intense effects. For some, these cannabis products are a fun novelty product, but for others, they have proven to be a helpful medical product.

Marijuana moon rocks represent a specialized cannabis product crafted by combining three main components, resulting in a highly concentrated and powerful form of consumption.

The three ingredients of a cannabis moon rock include cannabis flower buds, cannabis oil (hash oil) concentrate, and kief (which is the fine, potent marijuana trichome gland resin powder that falls off marijuana buds), creating a multi-layered structure with intensified potency.

What are Moon Rocks?
Photo courtesy of High Times

Because of their intense potency, we do not recommend that new users consume moon rocks.

A More Intense “High” Than Flower

Marijuana patients are drawn to using marijuana moon rocks due to their heightened potency, which allows for strong therapeutic effects in a smaller dose.

In other words, with moon rocks, a little goes a long way to provide what many would consider to be an intense high that may last over long periods.

The unique combination of premium flower buds, concentrated marijuana oil, and kief offers a synergistic blend of cannabinoids and terpenes, providing patients with a diverse range of therapeutic benefits; often these effects can be felt throughout the entire body.

The versatility of cannabis moon rocks allows patients to explore various consumption methods, tailoring their experience to suit their specific medical needs and preferences.

How are Moon Rocks Made?

Moon rocks begin with the selection of premium cannabis flower buds, known for their desirable qualities such as aroma, flavor, and cannabinoid content. These buds are carefully chosen to ensure a rich and diverse terpene profile, contributing to the final product’s sensory experience.

Traditionally, Girl Scout Cookies, or GSC, has been the strain that has been used for moon rocks, but they can be made with other high THC cannabis strains, and your favorite strain if you’re making your own cannabis moon rocks yourself at home.

The next step involves infusing the chosen cannabis buds with a cannabis oil or hash oil concentrate. This oil, typically extracted through advanced techniques like butane or CO2 extraction, possesses high levels of cannabinoids, primarily THC.

This infusion enhances the potency of the moon rocks, resulting in more profound psychoactive effects upon consumption. The buds can be dipped and rolled in the concentrate, or brushed on.

To complete the moon rock formation, a layer of kief, a concentrated form of trichomes (the “dust” that falls off cannabis), is applied to the infused buds.

These trichomes contain a wealth of cannabinoids and terpenes, amplifying the overall strength and flavor profile of the product and resulting in higher THC levels.

Some connoisseurs who are making moon rocks at home like to let the bud soaked in oil to be “cured” before rolling it in kief.

What are Moon Rocks?
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How Do You Consume a Moon Rock?

Medical marijuana patients typically smoke moon rocks in a pipe or use a vaporizer to consume them. However, since most moon rocks can be sticky, it’s usually advised to use scissors to break it up for smoking rather than a grinder, as it may clog up the grinder tongs.

When smoking moon rocks, it is best to use a heat-resistant glass pipe or a water pipe equipped with appropriate filtration systems rather than a joint, as these marijuana products can be very sticky.

Breaking the moon rock weed into smaller pieces ensures even burning and optimal heat distribution, promoting a smoother smoking experience, but be aware, that since moon rocks have such a slow burn, they may have a hard time staying lit and may need to be reignited.

For patients who prefer to use a vape for moon rocks, it is essential to utilize vaporizers specifically designed for marijuana concentrates rather than flower due to the sticky consistency of moon rocks.

These devices offer precise temperature control, allowing the vaporization of cannabinoids and terpenes in the moon rocks without combustion, thereby reducing potential risks associated with inhaling smoke.

How to Make Your Own Moon Rocks at Home

While marijuana moon rocks should be available at your local dispensary when you have your medical marijuana card, you can make moon rocks at home.

First, choose a nice bud of marijuana flower to form the base of the moon rock. The bud doesn’t necessarily have to be high THC, as adding the oil and kief will increase how potent it is.

Next, coat the buds with a light layer of marijuana oil or your favorite concentrate, ensuring even distribution and that each part of the bud is covered. As mentioned earlier, buds can be dipped into the concentrate using tongs or tweezers, or you can use a brush to carefully coat the buds with oil.

Next, the coated buds are carefully rolled in kief, covering them completely. You will now have made moon rocks!

It’s usually recommended that you allow the moon rocks to dry and cure for enhanced potency. Once cured, they are ready for consumption. Remember that it’s best to use scissors to break off pieces of the moon rock, as using your grinder may result in sticky grinder tongs.

What are Moon Rocks?
Photo courtesy of MerryJane

What Are Some Risks If I Vape or Smoke Moon Rocks?

It is important to us at Compassionate Clinics of America that patients are aware of the potential risks associated with cannabis use and moon rock consumption and take necessary precautions to mitigate them.

Moon rocks exhibit a characteristic of “slow burning” and a moon rock high is often regarded as a profound experience. For some, the moon rock high can be a bit too intense due to the high content of THC.

The heightened potency of moon rock products may lead to an intensified psychoactive experience, potentially causing discomfort, anxiety, or adverse reactions, particularly for those with limited tolerance. Other side effects of consuming moon rocks can include red eyes, cough, and dry mouth. It’s always recommended you stay hydrated after consuming moon rocks.

Moderation, self-awareness, and gradual dosing are crucial when medicating with moon rocks to ensure a safe and enjoyable moon rock experience throughout.

The onset of effects can be immediate or may take up to 30 minutes following consumption and can persist for several hours or even extend into the following day.

Are Moon Rocks Right for Me?

Moon rocks offer a unique and potent marijuana consumption experience, combining premium flower buds, concentrated hash oil, and kief, resulting in a high THC product that can provide a potent medicinal effect.

While their allure is undeniable, with there being a reason they’re often referred to as “cannabis caviar”, responsible consumption and awareness of the potential risks of marijuana moon rocks are paramount for those who have their medical marijuana card.

By approaching moon rocks with a clinical mindset, and reminding yourself that you are using moon rocks as a form of medication, patients can make informed decisions regarding their marijuana consumption practices, ultimately enhancing their overall well-being.

If you are a new or renewing patient with Compassionate Clinics of America, be sure to discuss with your certifying physician whether moon rocks are an appropriate method of consuming marijuana medicine for you.

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