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How to Make Cannabis Butter

May 24th 2021

How to Make Cannabis Butter

Making butter is the first step in making your own cannabis edibles at home! There are many ways to make it and here we have 2 ways for you on how to do so.

1) Make sure to break apart bigger nugs of your bud by hand. Avoid grinding it too finely, as with a coffee grinder, as this will make it difficult to remove undesirable plant matter and flavors from your final product and waste precious, delicate trichomes.

2) Set your slow cooker around 160 degrees Fahrenheit, always being careful not to pass 200 degrees, and risk scorching or burning the active constituents of the cannabis plant you’re seeking.

3) Add both butter and ground cannabis to slow cooker.

4) After about 3 hours, turn off the crock-pot and allow everything to cool.

5) Strain butter with hemp nut milk bag or cheesecloth and store in Mason jar for optimal freshness.

Now you can infuse any recipe that requires butter! ENJOY!

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