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Dispensary Partner Spotlight: Sunnyside*

Dec 09th 2022

Dispensary Partner Spotlight: Sunnyside*

At Compassionate Clinics of America, when we provide patients with their medical cannabis certification, we do our best to ensure we can point them in the direction of trusted partners who we know will provide them with support and education as they choose their products.

We are happy to feature Sunnyside* as a dispensary partner, which has dispensary locations in Illinois as well as Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania, where we provide patients with medical cannabis certifications.

We caught up with Sunnyside* to hear more about their mission, their approach to medical cannabis, and what patients can expect at their dispensaries.

What is Sunnyside*’s core mission?

Sunnyside* is your home for judgment-free cannabis shopping. A place where all kinds of visitors are welcome to explore, discover and purchase a wide array of high-quality products. No matter where you are on your cannabis journey, Sunnyside* is here to guide and support your shopping experience

Mission: Sunnyside* is the destination to explore and enjoy the benefits of cannabis. We do this by translating our passion into welcoming, positive, and judgment-free spaces for anyone at any point in their cannabis journey.

What is the most important aspect of a dispensary?

At Sunnyside* we believe the world is a better place when we replace bias and negativity with knowledge and positivity. We see an optimistic attitude at the core of a happy and fulfilling life.

We believe a better way to shop for cannabis starts by fostering a positive, warm, and informed experience from start to finish.

How many locations does Sunnyside* have in Illinois?


What set’s Sunnyside* apart from other medical dispensaries?

We believe that this incredible plant holds the potential to not only help relieve chronic medical issues, but also be a part of one’s everyday wellness routine. No matter what effect you’re after, we are dedicated to helping you unlock all the benefits the cannabis plant can provide.

What do you think are the biggest advantages to being a medical cannabis patient versus a recreational or adult use buyer?

Prioritization of medical customers, larger product offering, lower taxes, and higher discount offerings.

How do you help medical patients with the product that’s right for them? What is a first visit like for a new medical patient?

Our friendly, state-licensed wellness advisers take great pride in educating patients about our different products, forms and dosages so they can consume confidently and achieve the desired effects that’s right for each person

Do you have a loyalty program?

In the works and coming soon!

Do you have any special offers for first time patients?

First time medical customers get 30% off their first visit at any Sunnyside* dispensary

How often do you have specials?  Where can a patient register to receive specials?

We have weekly, and daily specials offered. Patients can register to receive specials by visiting and create an account.

Do you offer discounts for Seniors, Veterans, and/or people with disabilities?

Veterans can enjoy 20% off all of your purchases at Sunnyside*. Non-stackable discount will be applied in-store. Cannabis industry workers are eligible for 10% off their purchase! Bring your ID/employee badge to the register to receive your non-stackable discount at any Sunnyside* Illinois location (Includes doctors, growers, and accessory company employees). SSDI, Senior Citizens, Students/Teachers get 10% off. Present your valid, non-expired drivers license, student/teacher ID, or proof of SSDI at the register to redeem your non-stackable discount at any Sunnyside* Illinois location. (Students and teachers: minimum age 18 medical, 21 recreational).

Thank you, Sunnyside* for providing our patients in Illinois, as well as other medical cannabis states we serve with your bright approach to serving medical patients with excellent products and services.


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