What Are Terpenes in Cannabis and How Do They Work?

Terpenes are aromatic molecules that almost every kind of plant contains, and they are responsible for the plants’ flavor and aroma. One of their main functions is to keep predators away and increase resin yield. Cannabis can have up to 120 different terpenes, of which 100 are exclusively found in marijuana plants. Every different strain has a different concentration of terpenes, allowing for a never-ending combination of flavors and effects.

All You Need To Know About Cannabis Concentrates

Scientists have identified 110 different cannabinoids and over 120 terpenes in cannabis plants. These are produced in a part of the plant called the trichome. That is the name of those tiny white crystalline bits that resemble little mushrooms and are found on the plant’s buds and leaves’ surface.

Summer Time Cannabis Infused Mojito Cocktail

Ice-cold cocktails are truly one of the great summer pleasures in life — and it’s even more sensational when infused with cannabis This cannabis drink recipe is super easy to make, and it gives you some room to experiment based on your personal preferences as well! The easiest method of approach is just to add some cannabis infused ice cubes right into the cold glass of your cocktail — and after you master the art of making cannabis cubes yourself, you can also add that potent extract to any drink you want!

Take a break and shake it out

Our bodies aren’t designed to be stuck in chairs all day. Check out this quick movement break video from Nicole Mixdorf, Chief Wellness Officer at Balance by Nature, to learn some stretches you can do whenever you need to get up and move. These are great for alleviating tension in the neck, shoulders, and hips.

CO2 Extracted Cannabis Oil

Watch and learn about extracting your cannabis oil with CO2. One of the cleanest ways to consume your concentrates.

Heating Concentrates 101

What is the perfect temperature for consuming “dabs”? Learn to tailor your experience with cannabis concentrates

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