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Become a Medical Cannabis Patient

Scheduling an appointment with Compassionate Clinics of America is the first step of a rewarding journey toward better quality of life. Through personalized patient care, we provide an understanding of cannabis and confidence in your treatment plan. Our goal is to maximize the potential of this holistic and healing plant for each and every patient. Medical cannabis consultations are your invaluable resource in Illinois.

Each person is unique and reacts differently to cannabis. There is an ever-evolving inventory of cannabis strains to choose from. Consumption methods differ in the onset times, longevity and intensity of effects. Cannabinoids and terpenes influence the experience. Just the terminology can prove overwhelming. Whether you’re new to cannabis or well-acquainted, determining the ideal fit can involve a great deal of experimentation and frustration. Information is the key to best rewards.

Virtual Medical Cannabis Consultations with Compassionate Clinics of America

Our fully-licensed, state-certified physicians are here for you. We listen, explain and offer education, recommendation and innovative tools. With a focus on the needs of the individual, our medical cannabis consultations allow customization of treatment options. Through scientific research, including DNA testing, we construct an evidence-based roadmap to reaching your objectives as quickly and effectively as possible. Set up a medical cannabis consultation with Compassionate Clinics of America today.

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