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CBG Shows 5 Surprising Medical Benefits

Feb 03rd 2023

CBG Shows 5 Surprising Medical Benefits

When visiting a medical cannabis dispensary, patients may see products with higher concentrations of cannabinoids beyond THC or CBD. These may be cannabinoids like CBG, CBC, or THCv. Cannabigerol is one of those cannabinoids that has started to get more attention.

CBG Shows Surprising Medical Benefits

What is CBG?

CBG is considered a minor cannabinoid within most cannabis cultivars (“strains”) as it usually presents in lower amounts than THC and CBD. However, as more becomes known about CBG, cannabis breeders are crossing different strains to grow plants with higher CBG content because of its particular medical applications.

At Compassionate Clinics of America, it is important to us that our patients are given adequate education on the medical cannabis they consume. In addition, we understand that the plant has various medical applications, with thousands upon thousands of different strains to choose from. Here, we’ll look into some of the past and current research about cannabigerol, or CBG, so that you can consider whether this cannabinoid will meet your desired medical outcomes.

Medical Applications of CBG

With the increased legalization of cannabis across many states, we are finally seeing more research addressing minor cannabinoids like CBG. As it turns out, CBG has quite a broad range of specific and quite impressive potential medical benefits:

CBG for Skin Inflammation & Skin Health

A 2022 study tested out cannabigerol as an anti-inflammatory product on the skin through a topical application. Historically, CBD has been used widely within topical products for its anti-inflammatory properties, but this study found that CBG may be even more effective.

By testing out the two cannabinoid’s effects on inflammatory skin conditions, the researchers concluded that CBG’s “clinical skin health-promoting activities demonstrate its strong potential as a safe, effective ingredient for topical use. They suggest areas where it may be more effective than CBD.” CBG may also help protect against sources of inflammation such as UV rays and acne. The study also suggested products with cannabigerol could be used as an everyday skin booster when used in a topical.

CBG for Neuron Regeneration

When someone suffers a serious injury such as a spinal cord injury, their likelihood of healing depends on the regeneration of neurons.

A 2022 study in Italy researched the potential for cannabigerol to aid in neuron regeneration and found positive results. These results led the researchers to conclude that CBG is “worth further investigation in the field of neuronal regeneration” and should be looked into for further research on spinal cord injury.

CBG for Parkinson’s Disease and Dementia with Lewy Bodies

As of 2023, there is now a phase two clinical human study looking at CBG’s potential to aid with many symptoms of disease experienced by those with Parkinson’s Disease or Dementia with Lewy Bodies (Lewy Body Dementia).

Within the first trial, 15 patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and four patients with dementia with Lewy Bodies received standardized cannabis extracts containing various combinations of CBG, CBD and THC.

CBG Shows Surprising Medical Benefits

Positive results were experienced in regards to the patients’ REM sleep behavior disorder, insomnia, anxiety, and pain, with it being shown that a formulation containing CBG and THC provided the best results. This is an incredible discovery for too many suffering from these horrible and debilitating diseases.

CBG for Lowering Blood Pressure & Heart Diseases

A 2022 animal study discovered that CBG is worth looking into for the treatment of heart-related disease, most specifically hypertensive disease or hypertension. When administered cannabigerol, mice showed a significant reduction of blood pressure which is an important contributor to hypertension.

CBG for Bacteria in Dental Plaque

One wouldn’t necessarily think about cannabinoids as anti-bacterial agents, but you may be surprised. Studies are emerging that are looking at the possible abilities of cannabigerol as an anti-bacterial agent, specifically for dental plaque.

Yes, CBG may be able to help keep a cleaner mouth if used in oral topicals, which has all sorts of health benefits. A 2022 study even suggested that cannabigerol may be more effective than some of the anti-bacterial agents found in popular brands like Oral B and Colgate!

Cannabigerol Has Some Big Medicinal Benefits

As demonstrated by the number of studies looking into the effectiveness of CBG for some pretty complex medical issues, this minor cannabinoid may have some MAJOR medical impacts. We encourage our patients to keep up on some of the research as it emerges on CBG, as it’s almost as if a tap was turned on for research studies on CBG once it was realized that it had many specific medical benefits.

CBG Shows Surprising Medical Benefits

Explore CBG and Other Minor Cannabinoids with Your Medical Cannabis Certification

Compassionate Clinics of America works across 24 states to provide medical cannabis certifications and patient education to people interested in reimagining health and wellness. Be sure to check out our other pieces on some of the other cannabinoids, so when you go into a dispensary, you’ll be backed by knowledge about what all those cannabinoids are actually supposed to do.

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