Jun 21st 2021
What I’ve learned from the pandemic

Anytime we experience our lives being shaken up we have a choice… we can resist it or we can surrender to it.

As we begin to emerge from our time of isolation, we have an amazing opportunity to decide what aspects of ourselves we want to leave behind and who we want to become. 

I am using this summer as a time of healing

cleansing and detoxifying my body, releasing old mental patterns of my mind, and reconnecting to my spirit in new ways to emerge healthier, happier, and completely renewed. And I feel great. 

You see, I had a health scare a couple of months ago, so I am using this time to take my health, my business, my relationships, and my life to new heights. And you can do it too. 

What have you been putting off in your life? What unhealthy patterns are you ready to let go of? What are you ready to say YES to? 

Use this time wisely. We are being supported to heal our lives and our planet. Seize this opportunity to become a better YOU. 

Check out this white light meditation to heal yourself from the inside out!

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