Cytogen Transdermal Patch


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The Transdermal Patch offers 10mg’s of an accurate time released formulation that features a contact layer specially designed to create the perfect environment for immediate and maximum delivery of beneficial supplements into the body. The layer’s exclusive, all-natural adhesive allows the patch to be worn anywhere on the body and to stay in place throughout the day.

 Discreet, convenient and reliable
 Apply to any venous area of the skin for best results
 Provides 8-12 hours of unsurpassed, systemic relief
 High bioavailability
 15-30-minute uptake time

The backing layer provides a seal, allowing the wearer to comfortably and safely experience a steady dose of a nutrients, for hours at a time.

One (1) Transdermal Patch at a time should be peeled and applied to a clean, bare area of the skin which could include bicep, shoulder, rib, or the wrist. Patch should be placed near venous area of the body.

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