Dec 03rd 2021
Meet Michael, From the Medical Cannabis DIY Community

Tell us about your goals for DIY?

We would love to someday have a facility for learning and healing. Something like a campground or resort-like property where people can come and visit and learn to make their own cannabis medicines…

Who are the principles for DIY?

We are a patient helping community. All of our group rules are for the purpose of creating and maintaining a safe and encouraging learning environment. 

What are the names of the principles involved in the operation of DIY? 

Michael McGee is the founder of Medical Cannabis DIY Community, an all-volunteer patient helping the patient community to assist Medical Cannabis Patients to learn to customize and save money by making their own cannabis capsules, tinctures, oils, and edibles as well as learn about medical cannabis. In 2011, Michael was diagnosed with three herniated cervical disks and cervical stenosis after a lifetime of back pain from a fall on his head in high school gymnastics in 1975. In March of 2016, unable to work since August 2015 due to chronic pain and other health issues, Michael applied for social security disability (SSDI). At the same time, he applied for his Illinois medical cannabis card in an attempt to reduce or eliminate the Opioids, Muscle Relaxers, and Benzodiazepines he had been prescribed since 2011. 

What are your backgrounds? 

I was a Director of customer care for an e-commerce marketing company when I became disabled in 2015.

How often do you offer live stream DIY events?

We do Livestreams weekly, every Monday evening at 8:00 pm central time.  Tune in on Facebook here

What are some of the educational pieces you cover on your live stream events?

We cover all aspects of life as a medical cannabis patient from choosing strains, to everything related to making one’s own Cannabis medications (ie…edibles, capsules, tinctures, oils, topicals, transdermal patches, and more), Microdosing, and much more…

What is your favorite DIY educational piece? Public and private classes where we can interact directly with our members are the most fun!

Do you ever bring in guest speakers to your live stream events?

Yes. On many occasions, we have interviewed our partners. 

Where Do you ever do live events? We have done public events in various supportive businesses (High Hopes Farm Marengo, Ill. The Vape Vault In Champaign, Illinois)

What was your favorite live event?

Probably the Basics of Medical Cannabis class we did at High Hopes Hemp Farm in Marengo Illinois because we are able to interact directly with our members face to face.  Why was this your favorite?

Does each event have its own specific focus?


What is the fan-favorite product made by DIY?

The Magic Pain Salve!.  Why do you think this is the favorite? Because everyone that tries it loves it!

How many subscribers do you have?

We have over 8,000 members. How many of the 8,000 usually tune in on a weekly basis? It’s hard to say since the live streams are saved the group and can be watched anytime after the original broadcast date.

Do you have a nationwide audience?

We have members around the country and the world.

What equipment do you use for your DIY process?

I use a crockpot, coffee warmer, stove, oven, freezer, decarboxylation device, infusion devices, magnetic stirring hot plate, distiller.

How do subscribers purchase the equipment you use?

Members order directly from the manufacture or retailer using a discount code provided exclusively for our members.

What is your favorite piece of equipment and why?

It would be a toss-up between my Decarboxylation device and my magnetic stirring hot plate and my distiller. These products help produce perfect results which help save money. I use the distiller to reclaim alcohol from my tinctures so that I can reuse it again.

Do you do private events?

Yes. We have a separate private group set up for that exact purpose.

What processes can you do at private events?

We can do pretty much all of the processes with proper planning.

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