Nov 03rd 2021
Learn About Cannabis in Comfort and Luxury

At Chi High Tours, Our goal is to provide high-level education on the cannabis industry in the most entertaining way.  

  • Help to break the stigma associated with consumption 
  • Assist in the normalization of cannabis use 
  • Continue to develop cool & interesting tours 

Why did you start a Cannabis Tour company in Chicago?

Though I am from Brooklyn, NY… My love for Chicago spans 15 years as some of my top healthcare corporate clients reside in the city. I fell in love with places like the Lyric Opera House and knew that when I had an opportunity to develop a new business, I would want to do it in Chicago. With Illinois set to go recreational in 2020, I knew that I wanted to embark on the developing cannabis tourism space in Chicago.

Are you offering tours in any other city?

Though we have not officially offered tours in other cities… Under the corporate umbrella, Cannalife Tours & Events, LLC, we are developing educational cannabis tour opportunities in Washington DC, New York, Boston, and Tulum, Mexico.

What are the different tour packages you offer?

Currently, we offer seven different tours that combine cannabis culture with activities that are loved by locals and tourists alike

How long is a typical tour?

Our tours are typically 3-3.5 hrs long. 

What is the focus of each tour?

Each tour focuses on a few different aspects, Cannabis history in Chicago, consumption and dosing education, a shopping experience, and a unique experience that depends on the tour selected.

How many stops do you make on a typical tour?

Our tours typically consist of 3 stops. 

Where do you stop?

We make stops at a dispensary, educational/ consumption lounge, and finally, the themed selection (comedy club, jazz club, museum, etc.)

What is the most interesting tour you have had?

One of the most exciting tours we have had was with a team of school teachers from Texas. Cool Experience! 

Do you do any holiday-themed tours?

Yes. We had a Halloween-themed tour for Sunday, October 31 this year.

How much cannabis education takes place on your tours?

We like to make sure our guests have a well-rounded experience, so we speak about cannabis throughout the tour with history & culture. 

Do you offer any other entertainment on your tour bus? (stops for dinners, lunches, bars, etc)

We currently have lunch and small meal options for our guests to purchase in advance on our website. In addition, our beer & Bud tour allows for beer sampling, and our Jazz tour allows for a whole dining experience at Andy’s Jazz Club and Restaurant. 

What is the funniest moment you had on one of your tours? 

It has to be our guest’s reactions at the Museum of Illusions during our Field Trip tour; the optical illusions are always a blast. 

What kind of parting gifts do you have for your customers?

Each one of our guests receives a complimentary goodie bag which includes an assortment of treats and items ( one-hitter, grinder, Delta 8 THC edible samples, other edible samples, preroll cones, and more) 

Which celebrities have joined you on a tour?

We have not had the opportunity to have any celebrities as our guests yet. 

Do you ever have special guests on your tours?

We are working on adding special guests. 

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