Who will assist the Department in making changes to the medical marijuana program in Pennsylvania?


The Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Act creates the Medical Marijuana Advisory Board within the Department of Health. Members include the Secretary of Health; the Physician General; State Police Commissioner; Chair of the State Board of Pharmacy; Commissioner of Professional and Occupational Affairs; President of the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association; President of the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association; members to be appointed by the Governor and six appointees from the legislative caucuses who are knowledgeable and experienced in issues relating to care and treatment of individuals with a serious medical condition, geriatric or pediatric or clinical research. One member appointed by the Governor shall be a patient, a family or household member of a patient or a patient advocate.

The states that Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Advisory Board shall have the following duties:

  • To examine and analyze the statutory and regulatory law relating to medical marijuana with this Commonwealth.
  • To examine and analyze the law and events in other states and the nation with respect to medical marijuana.
  • To accept and review written comments from individuals and organizations about medical marijuana.
  • To issue, two years after the effective date of this section, a written report to the Governor, the Senate and the House of Representatives.
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