May 20th 2021
Breathwork to Shut Down the Stress Response

Compassionate Clinics of America is thrilled to introduce to our patients, a friend and former colleague of Joseph Mazza.  Nicole is a motivational leader who inspires people to be the very best that they can be. After spending over a decade working her way up the corporate ladder in a global firm, she experienced the debilitating health consequences of a stressful work environment. After taking time off to heal her body, she launched Balance by Nature in 2012 to help other busy professionals find more balance in their lives and thrive.

Nicole takes a consultative and strategic approach to program design and delivers inspiring content to people around the country. These programs help to inspire individuals to play a bigger game in their lives and be the best versions of themselves that they can be.

Nicole Mixdorf, Chief Wellness Officer at Balance by Nature, will be sharing valuable tools with us each month for stress reduction, growth mindset, healing, and personal development. Today, she’s sharing How to Instantly Shut Down the Stress Response.

The easiest way for you to calm your mind and body in moments of stress is to practice deep breathing. When we breathe fully, expanding our lungs completely, we bring 70% more oxygen into our body. It slows down our heart rate, lowers our blood pressure naturally, calms the mind, and instantly shuts down the “fight or flight” stress response. The best part is that you can shift into the “rest and digest” calming response in the body with only 3 deep breaths! Your breath is truly your life force. Give it a try and see how you feel!

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